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Textual Analysis
2/25 Textual Anaysis: Genre & Narrative
2/25 Textual Anaysis: Editing (due 2/27)
-- and again: Non-Testers Options rubric on page 2

2/24 Textual Analysis: How scene fits into film & why chose scene (due 2/25)

2/14 Cinematography articles
2/14 Textual Analysis: Cinematography (due 2/25)
2/14 Non-Testers Options

2/13 Textual Analysis: Mise en scene (due 2/14)
For IB Film Testers only: critically read this and answer questions at top (due tomorrow, 2/14)

2/11 Textual Analysis: Director's Intent & Cultural Context (due 2/13) 
-- LINKS to share and get MLA citation for...   Article suggestions from peers (w/MLA citations) regarding above topics

2/10 Textual Analysis: Sound (due 2/11)

2/6 ^ Textual Analysis Scene Selection (due 2/10)
2/6 ^ Textual Analysis Movie Watching (due 2/10)

1/31 ^Textual Analysis Film Choice (due 2/5)
1/31 Textual Analysis: The IB Assessment (due 2/3; Testers: read carefully, Non-Testers: read casually)
Textual Analysis Introduction

^ these assignments are not accepted late
Cinematography articles

Mise en scene articles

Sound articles

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