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Social Studies Resources

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Class Resources:
Great Depression
Aztecs, Incas, and the Spanish

Constitutional Issues
Criminal Justice: Media Violence
The French Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
Psychology Experiments
United Nations


Primary Sources:
Ancient World History Sourcebook
Medieval History Sourcebook
Modern History Sourcebook

ABC-CLIO (how to cite)
Choose from American History, US Geography, World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras, or World History: the Modern Era
Information on every country in the world.  Includes maps, history, culture, government, and population data.
eBooks (Gale Reference Library)
(how to cite)
History and biographies from a variety of online reference encyclopedias.
Images, video, eBooks, and full-text articles,  maps, transcripts, audio files, encyclopedias, timelines, slideshows, etc.  Be aware of the reading levels - choose appropriately.
Facts on File (how to cite)
Choose from Issues and Controversies, Issues and Controversies in American History, and US Government Online.
(how to cite)
Search for magazine and newspaper articles from across the nation and around the world.

Salem Press History
(how to cite)

Access primary documents and articles about historical events and people.