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The Comparative Study
7) Peer Feedback

6) Rubric for non-testers

5) Testers: Here is an example of how another class is working on organizing their Comparative Study video (including links to Adobe tips).

4) Working on and Finishing the Comparative Study
  - IB Film Testers Google or Word
  - Non-Testers

3) Beginning the Comparative Study
  - Prep Sheet via Google & Word

2) Introduction
includes links to submit film focus, films, etc (first due date 11/13).

1) IB Film Comparative Study Document (online)
- IB Fim Testers: read through the assignemnt via the online link above by 11/26
IB Film Testers:
Below are links to the EXAMPLE Comparative Studies on the IB website.  Because this is the first year of this new assessment, these are NOT real student examples, but mock-examples that IB created.  So use them as a rough guide, just as you would the examples I showed in class from last year's students.

Comparative Study Example 1
Comparative Study Example 2
Comparative Study Example 3

(all examples)

Films in the SHS library